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Gardena, CA Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

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Pet Sitting Packages feature multiple choices for length of visits and consistent arrival time ranges.

Attention to home care and details may include, mail and paper pickup, light/curtain changes, garbage & recycle services and houseplant watering. 

In my pet friendly vehicle, I will pick up your pet from home, and off we will go for our amazing adventure to local parks in the Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa, California areas.

At these off leash parks your canines will have opportunity to run free and frolic with their furry friends, swim, practice their social graces, and get lots of love and encouragement during their personalized session.

Your pets will return safe and content, happy to see you upon your return.

I can help you with all these pet care needs and more. Whether doggy day care in the greater Redondo Beach, Hermosa or Manhattan Beach, CA areas, off leash walks at Gardena area parks, or vacation pet care are just right for you, I can provide all your Los Angeles area pet care needs.

Some dogs may be more suited to a leashed walk in their familiar surroundings. Because size and activity level vary greatly, I offer multiple walk options from
30 - 60 minutes.

I can come up to three visits a day for your pets while you are away. Premium overnights in your home are also available and offer a mid-day visit which may involve a walk.

My pet sitting always includes the basics, but may allow for extras such as washing and massage. I have even been known to do some serenading! There is always an abundance of loving talk and touch for your dear pet. Don't forget the daily notes, highlighting the bright spots of our time together.

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